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  • *****"Harmony, the People's Guitar"*****

  • SORRY this book is OUT of print, and no longer available.
    You will be able to read all about the guitars we love, next year, when the 3rd printing of the book will be available from Schiffer Publishing, bigger and better!...... Call for info


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    I have compiled information on Harmony guitars.

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    The Real story about Einstein's Sandals!


    "My GrandFather and Albert Einstein," by Ron Rothman


    CHECK OUT MY other BOOK! "My GrandFather and Albert Einstein," by Ron Rothman and Joan Brill. along with essays by Chuck Rothman, and Gary Goldstein. Now you can read about the stories that have become legend on Eastern Long Island. This book is about the unique relationship between Albert Einstein and my Grandfather David Rothman. Anecdotes and diary footnotes that give insight about the man who befriended Einstein during the summer of 1939. Book will be signed by Ron Rothman and shipped from Rothman's Dept. Store where Einstein spent time that summer, which he said was one of the best of his life and owed it to David Rothman's initiative. Stories are interesting, and Joan Rothman Brill does a wonderfull job of conveying the essence of this unique relationship.
    Call to Order your copy today!! SPECIAL 2nd printing of First Edition.

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  • ·  ·  We are an 98+ year-old General Store involved in buying and selling Vintage guitars, banjos and other instruments. Probably one of the most unique Department stores you'll ever experience. A local fixture in downtown Southold, NY with a lot of history.


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    Division of Rothman's Department Store, Inc.

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  • 54180 Main Road, PO Box 878
  • Southold, NY 11971
  • 631-765-3770..... Fax 631-765-2642

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  • Established 1918

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  • We have moved into a larger, better gallery space.
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    See how Rothman's is becoming an important local fixture and gathering place-a unique combination of hardware store, guitar shop, gallery and performance space and was voted the #1 music venue on the North fork by a 2012 North Fork Patch pole.
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  • Links to Chuck's Stories about two of our visitors
  • Albert Einstein...famous Scientist
  • Benjamin Britten ...famous Composer

    I have been publishing a guitar news letter for the last 20 years and it is finally available on line.

    Click here to Visit My Current newsletter web page and read it on line. Now updated with favorite reprints of Past articles..

  • "The Real Einstein Sandal Story"
  • "Fifty Years of Art on Main Street"
  • "Drive By Gallery"
  • "For Sale, Entire Contents of Store.
  • "Pollack or NOt"


  • Guitar shows coming up!!
  • We will be attending the Bee-3 Vintage, Great American Guitar Shows.
    held in Oaks, PA,
    to be held Nov. 11-12th, 2017.

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    A little bit about our History

    For those of you who might be new to us, here's some history. My grandfather David Rothman, who started Rothman's Department Store, founded us in 1918. Though our 98+ years we have become a fixture in downtown Southold. An old time General Store catering to the local and tourist trade of the North Fork, we still strive to remain one of the last remaining "General Stores" on Long Island.

    We probably are one of the most unique Music stores you will ever see. People like Albert Einstein and Benjamin Britten graced our halls, satisfying their musical needs. Einstein would play in Musical Quartets, organized by my grandfather, in the same building where we are today.

    Here is a youtube video of a picnic with Benjamin Brittan and the Rothman Family.

    Guitars came into place with a small corner dedicated to several Harmony type guitars, strings and accessories. It was during the mid 60's that I took an interest in getting my own Guitar business going. Keeping an eye on the accessories and still getting those Harmony guitars, it never appeared to amount to any more than a sideline. I did expand in the late 70's and 80's getting some Yamaha and Applause guitars. It was several years ago things really took off. While picking up several used instruments I realized the interest in these "used guitars" and the vintage guitar market. As that part of my business grew, the need for some new guitars came about. That's where the CF Martin Guitar Company and other name brand guitar makers, came in.
    Now being an Authorized Martin guitar dealer for over 20 years, and searching out top quality instruments, we have become Eastern Long Island most complete Vintage guitar store.

    I have been involved in the Music Scene for the last 30 years, playing with several different bands. Whether it is Folk, Rock, Bluegrass, Jazz or blues, I seem to be in touch with what music is happening. Whether it's playing currently with Southold Slim and The Park Avenue Gypsies, Crazy Helen and Blues Collar Band, "The Jody Leah Jazz Quartet," "King Scallop and the Oysterettes, "or sponsoring Jams in the local Clubs, I try to follow the music of the East End. We have in the past held open Mics at the store on Satuday afternoons. Getting a nice turn out and have some fun jams going on. Stop in and see what it's all about. I've been active in the music activities during the first Greenport First Night along with several concerts sponsored by The Arts in Southold Town. I have been appearing at both the Cedar Beach Blues Festival in Mount Siani, NY Blues Festival on Long Island and The Riverhead Blues Festival We also appeared at Blues 2000(+5) at the Nevele in the Catskills with the Crazy Helen band. These appearances will be with a few of the different bands listed on this page..

    Links to Bands

    These are a couple of Links to some of the bands I have appeared with. Check them out and look for us at venues around Long Island.

  • Southold Slim and the Park Ave. Gypsies
  • Crazy Helen and Blues Collar Band
  • King Scallop and the Oysterettes
  • The Park Avenue Blues Band
  • Here is a current listing of instruments.

    Prices and stock subject to change and may reflect a 3% cash discount.

    Call toll free 1-888-ROTHMAN for details.

    JUST IN current inventory. All Martin Guitars are listed at the MAP price, effective 6/1/2017

  • 1967 Mosrite Venturs model. Overall good condition, shows some nicks and age, small crack on the tip of the pickguard, incluces recent Hard case. $ 2195
  • 1999 Gibson Les Paul Special. Mahogany body, two humbuckers, nice guitar, no issues in good condition. Includes hSC. $ 895
  • 1963 Harmony H53 Rocket, Sunburst, single foil DeArmond pickup, missing pickguard and logo but otherwise in very good condition, w/gb.......$ 489
  • 1966 Harmony H54 Rocket, two DeArmond foil pickups, refinished natural, missing pickguard. otherwise in good condition, w/gb.......$ 489
  • 1943 Gibson L-7 Acoustic Archtop. Old refin to top (by Gibson?), changed pickgaurd, Great open, sound, in a nice wartime Gibson Archtop, Overall a great playing guitar with a big sound, in good condition. Includes HSC. $ 3495
  • 1964 Gretsch Tennessean, only a little binding rot on the heel cap, but over all not to good condition. w/ ohsc ON SALE $ 1899.
  • 2006 Epiphone Wildkat LTD. Semi hollow, bigby, 2 P-90 pickups. A Lot of guitar for the money w/HSC $450
  • 1960 Harmony H1 Lap steel, copper color, very good condition except the pickukp works, but has a week signal (have to turn up the amp) no case $ 275

  • Martin Guitars

    • All New Martin Guitars are listed at Jan 1, 2017 MAP prices and subject to change... Call for special offerings on discontiued Martin guitars.

    • Don't Hesitate to call 1-888-ROTHMAN for in store availability or Phone order Special pricing on Used or vintage guitar. Many others in stock. Call for details.

    • 1965 Martin D-21, Brazillian rosewood S&B, replaced bridge, some touch up to binding, otherwise a great aged Martin with normal wear. includes hsc. $ 5799
    • New Martin D-28, John Lennon Artist guitar. Nicely appointed with the artwork of John Lennon. $ 4399
    • New Martin Custom 00-18 Slope shoulder, (upgraded CEO-7) w/HSC......... $3899
    • New Martin OMC-28E with cutaway and VTS Pickup systen w/hsc.....$3299
    • New Martin GPCPA-2 Performing Artist Series, Certified wood. w/HSC.........ON SALE $2275
    • New Martin 000-18 Retro, with Fishman pickup, w/HSC......... $2859
    • New Martin HD-16R Rosewood Gloss, Adarondak top. w/HSC......... $2499
    • New Martin GPC12PA4 12 string guitar..... w/hsc..... $1859
    • New Martin 00L-17S Smoke black. Smaller body, Vintage Martin Quality in a new guitar With pickup w/HSC......... $1999
    • New Martin 00-15M retro Smaller body, Vintage Martin Quality in a new guitar w/HSC......... $1999
    • New Martin 000-X1 Solid top, pickup, the most affordable Martin ever!!, now in stock.....$599
    • New Martin D Jr Solid top, pickup, now in stock.....$609
    • New Martin LX1 Solid top, now in stock.....$349
    • 2000 Martin 0-18 Custom shop Pre-war 14 fret appointments. Sunburst, etc. Now available and it's a beaut!!........... Hold
    • 1974 Martin D-18D R & D w/Frap Pickup, In very good condition, $ 2299
    • New Martin Backpacker, 25th Anniversay Model with padded gig bag......$ 339.

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    Acoustic Guitars

    Other Acoustics

  • ·1961 Gibson J-50 Acoustic dreadnaught. Plays great, has an aged Gibson sound. No problems or issues w/hsc $2250


  • · New Recording King RPH-09 "Dirty 30", vintage looking L-00....$ 249
  • · New Savanah Acoustic 000 size......$ 169
  • · Call about our selection of student guitars.
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    Resonator Guitars and lap Steels

  • New Republic Clarksdale, Brass bodied Tricone resonator w/ cutaway. These Chinese made guitars look authentic and sounds great. w/featherlight case.... .......$699
  • 1930s Mayfair wood body resonator. Biscut bridge. w/ssc......... $399
  • 1930's? Oahu square neck Hawaian guitar, very cool....$ 295
  • 1940's Guild ?? lap steel no association with the guitar company w/ssc...$ 495
  • 1950s Harmony H1 lap steel, cool looking pointy, copper color. Pickup is a little week, but it works. no case. $ 229
  • OTHER guitars and basses

  • ·1963 Guild CA-100 Acoustic Archtop with added pickup. Little alteration to this original solid top archtop, Excellent condition with Ohsc......$2575
  • ·1956 Gibson ES-225D, very good, original condition w/two P-90 Pickups..w/hsc....$3999
  • ·1970 Fender Telecaster. stripped to natural that is in good condition, there is a rout under the replacement pickgaurd, the guitar plays fine and is a great value in 70s tele.. includes non original HSC...$2699
  • 1981 G & L L-1000, transparent blue color, w/ohsc...........$ 1100
  • New AXL LP jr. w/ 1 p-90 Electric...........$ 239
  • Loads of Johnson, Harmony, and other beginner Quality Instruments

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    Archtops (Acoustic and Electric)

    GUILD & Gretsch & Epiphone

  • 1968 Guild A-500 Acoustic Archtop w/factory DeArmond Pickup Sunburst changed tailpiece but otherwise in good condition. w/hsc.......$3399

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  • In Memory of Stanley, gone but not forgotten, "Rock on" 1950-2005

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